Use Services of Hitachi File Recovery to Restore Formatted Hard Drive Data

desktop_hard_drive3Hitachi Ltd is the Japanese based company and the leading manufacturer of computer hard drive. Generally, external hard disk drives are used to keep the backup of crucial files and folders. They are used to save and access various types of file including documents, music files, photo files, video, movie files, PowerPoint slides, and many more. In today’s era, due to excessive use of electronic gadgets the removable drives has increased a lot to save data as backup. At times, because of several scenarios many of us prefer to format the Hitachi hard drive which results to deletion or erase of entire data that are reside in hard drive. In such condition, without panic make use of Hitachi File Recovery software to recover formatted hard drive.

Hitachi File Recovery utility is designed for the computer users those who don’t have technical knowledge of data recovery after formatting their Hitachi hard drive. With the help of this software, you can scan the complete drive in order to recover formatted hard drive data with few simple steps. It supports recovery of data files from file system namely HFS, NTFS, FAT32, NTFS5, HFSX, ExFAT, and FAT16 partitions/volumes. The software assists you can find the list of recovered files by utilizing “Preview” option prior restoring them on secondary data storage gadgets. It is capable to restore files from various models of Hitachi hard drive such as Hitachi Deskstar, Hitachi Travelstar hard drive, Hitachi Travelstar 7k1000, and so on with great ease.

Before learning more details about this file recovery tool, user should be aware of issues that tend to formatting of hard drive are as follows below:

  1. Format is a process that deletes whole data that are saved on specific drive/volume. If you format the hard drive by choosing wrong drive then there is huge data loss from particular drive/volume of Hitachi hard disk.
  2. Suppose, you like to change/modify the current size of the existing partitions on the Hitachi hard drive, repartitioning of drive is done. If you struck or encounter with unknown error messages during repartitioning hard drive then it leads to deletion or loss of hard drive partition.
  3. If you like to reinstall the operating system on your laptop or computer from older edition to latest version of OS then in hurry you might have forget to take backup of required files. This leads to deletion or loss of data due to formatting while reinstallation process.
  4. Suppose, file system of hard disk gets corrupt or damage then you may encounter with format error message like “Disk not formatted. Do you need to Format it now?” By see this error if you press format option then there is high chance of data loss from Hitachi hard disk drive.

Along with above stated factors there are certain other scenarios that results to deletion or erase of files including virus infection, bad sectors, system crash, abrupt power failure, use of third party utility, etc.

Advantages of Hitachi File Recovery Software:

This file recovery utility is available free demo edition to analyze its performance and it is completely free from viruses. Save or resume the recovering process by “Save Recovery Session” option and also create a “Disk Image” copy to skip the bad sectors in the Hitachi hard drive.

You can successfully recover formatted hard drive on various editions of both Mac and Windows operating system. Hitachi File Recovery utility will capable to retrieve files from formatted partition of all types of hard drives like SATA, IDE, USB, SCSI, etc.



What is Computer Motherboard?

What is Computer Motherboard?bigmb

Definition: A motherboard is a physical arrangement in a system that contains basic components and circuits of computer. In a typical motherboard, the circuit is imprinted or affixed on the surface of a firm surface and usually it is manufactured in a single step.

Types of Mother Board: The types of system mother board shouldn’t be confused with Form factors. Fundamentally there are two types of motherboards first one is integrated motherboard and second one is the nonintegrated system board:

Integrated Motherboard: In this type of motherboard, it has most of its components that are soldered on the board. This type of motherboard has several advantages and also some drawbacks. More space is conserved in integrated mother board and some other advantages are that it is portable and cheaper in manufacture.

Non-integrated Motherboard: The non-integrated system mother board has several expansion slots with detachable components like video adapter, disk controllers etc. The major advantage of non-integrated type of System mother board is its flexibility w.r.t replacement of faulty components. When there is a fault in expansion cards then it can easily be replaced.

Different Parts of a Computer Motherboard

Memory and their Slots: The computer memory is one of the key parts of the system motherboard. The total number of memory chips on a motherboard actually depends on the type of computer and its capacity.

Expansion cards: Expansion card is a typical component of non-integrated system motherboard as indicated earlier.

CPU and slots: CPU and the sockets is one of important part of the computer. This device is located on the right of the motherboard.

BIOS Chip: Just like CPU, the BIOS chips occupy the top position in terms of importance on the system motherboard.

Power Supply and Connectors: It is the electrical supply unit of the system. This is the unit that provides power to the system for smooth running.

Mouse Connector: The mouse is also a very important input device of the computer. Its connecting port is located on the motherboard.

Floppy and Hard Disk Connectors: The Hard drive is the mass storage device of the computer system, same with the floppy disk.

Use This Software to Recover Formatted SD Card

SD card can be formatted due to following reasons:

  • When you format SD card accidentally.
  • If SD is infected from virus, then there is a chance of corruption of SD card which may reuse after formatting of SD card.
  • So many bad sectors in SD card may lead the SD card inaccessible. Further after formatting, you can reuse that SD card.
  • If file system gets corrupted.
  • Frequently use of third party tools which is not reliable in nature.
  • In data transferring process, if any interruption occurs then there is a chance of SD card corruption which may use after formatting of SD card.
  • Abrupt shutdown of system/other storage devices, when you perform any task in it.
  • Software conflictsrecover-sdxc-card

Above mentioned scenarios are some common reasons behind the SD card format. Apart from these, there are many other reasons of data loss due to formatting of SD card.

Whenever, you loss essential data from SD card then some questions come to your mind. In this page, we discuss those problems with effective solutions.

Question1. Is any chance to get back my loss data again after formatting of SD card?

Answer: Yes, there is 100% chances to retrieve your lost data from SD card. Whatever may be the reasons behind data loss from SD card, you can recover those data with the help of reliable data recovery tools.

Question2.Which tool is reliable for recovering data from formatted SD card?

Answer: There are so many third party tools available in today’s online market. But all third party tools are not reliable in nature. In fact using of these types of tools may cause some other data loss from storage device. So, if you want to recover formatted SD card data, then you must go with any reliable and efficient tool. Recover Formatted SD card software is such a trusted tool. Many of the industry experts also prefer for this tool, just because of its better performance as compared to other third party recovery tools.

Question3.How I perform recovery task by the using of Recover Formatted SD card software?

Answer: You just download and install this tool in the system and follow some simple steps which are instructed by this tool. Within short period of time, all lost files are recovered by Recover Formatted SD card software.

[Note:There is no technical knowledge required to perform formatted SD card data recovery task because this tool has simple user friendly GUI.]

Why you go with Recover Formatted SD card software?

There are plenty of reasons which make this tool different from other third party recovering tools. You can restore data from any brand of SD cards (Kingston, Transcend, SanDisk, Sony, Samsung etc). Any type of files (image, music, video, documents and so on) can be easily retrieved by this toolkit. This tool recovers all types of SD cards (SDSC, SDHC, SDXC and SDIO) and compatible with both major versions of operating system (Windows and Mac OS X). This tool provides Save Recovery Session facility. When you perform recovery task and due to any unwanted reasons, if any interruption occurs, then there is no need to restart whole recovery task again. Recovery task will starts from when task was interrupted.

How to Open Invalid Zip File When the File is Broken?

What is a ZIP file?

ZIP file contains one or more files that have been compressed into a single file to reduce the total size of the file, in order to utilize memory space in an efficient way. It is the most popular compression technique that is introduced in the Windows system like WinZip long back ago and it is still being used by the many users. WinZip is the software that facilitates user to compress their number of files as a single file and the compressed files are saved in the .zip file extension format. This utility comes in handy whenever user has a limited hard drive space.

 fix invalid zip fileBenefits of Zip files:

  • It is very easy to transfer or download the Zip files on the internet through email. As user need to download just one file to obtain all the data that are compressed in a Zip file.
  • User has large number of files in the hard drive but hardly ever used and those file takes huge memory space then, simple compress the files in a Zip format and later unzip or extract them whenever needed by using WinZip program.

The Zip file may get corrupted and when user tries to open it, an error message encounters stating that invalid Zip file cannot be opened. There are many reasons behind for damaging Zip file which includes during reading or writing Zip file, transmission of file, and intrusion of virus which makes unintended changes to the original Zip file. In such situation, user might want to know how to fix invalid Zip file?

Generally, when the Zip file refuses to open then the data compressed in it may not be accessible resulting in data loss. Are you facing this type of problem? And want to get rid of this situation then don’t worry. Because you are in the right direction, here in this blog I am going to discuss about the software which helps you to resolve your entire problem related to the broken Zip file easily without any much effort. With the aid of third party tool like Zip Repair application, you can fix invalid Zip file in just few click of mouse.

How Zip file gets corrupted?

Virus Infections: Virus is one of the major factors behind the corruption of the Zip files. Whenever you access or clicks on harmful links over the internet or share a files from the system, which is infected by viruses can damage the file system of the hard drive. This makes all data saved on it including Zip files inaccessible.

Fault in software: The Zip software that has been installed might not have been working properly or giving troubles due to sudden system shut down or when user upgrades ZIP tool to latest version. Application fault may corrupt the Zip files that are created using it.

Zip Repair program is designed and developed by the IT industrial experts. This software allows user to open invalid Zip file from different storage devices such as memory cards, USB drives, hard disk and more. It can also fix Zip file that are corrupted due to CRC error. It is compatible on all the version of Windows operating system.

How to Recover Data from Damaged External Hard Drive?

Hello! I used to keep all my important data in my external hard disk. Yesterday, I connected my external hard drive to the computer to transfer some important files. A pen drive was already connected to the computer. At that time, instead of ejecting the pen drive, i accidentally removed my external hard drive due to which it got corrupted. I don’t know how to recover data from a bad external hard drive. Can somebody tell me how to get back my files from that hard disk?”

External hard disk drives are portable, so people may often prefer it as backup medium as well as for transferring large amount of data from one computer to other. It is connected externally to the computer. Though it provides a large amount of data for storing space, the data present in an external hard drive may get damaged at some situations. If it happens, the data recovery from bad external hard drive can be done with the help of USB Hard Drive Recovery software in a simple way. The data residing in an external hard drive may get damaged due to many reasons. The common scenarios for the data damage from an external hard drive are listed below:

  • Bad Sectors: If your external hard drive is affected by bad sectors, there are chances for data loss in the hard drive.
  • File System Damage : The damage in the file system of an external hard drive caused by an improper reformatting may cause the external hard disk drive to become unreadable
  • Interruption During Hard Drive Formatting: If there is any interruption during the time of hard drive formatting, it can lead to drive corruption.
  • Abrupt Shut Down of the System : Say for example, you have improperly switched off your system when your external hard drive is connected to your computer.During this time it may get damaged. As a result your data may get deleted.
  • Improper Ejection: Removing your USB Hard Drive without “Safely Remove hardware” option result in loss of data from your hard drive.
  • System Freeze: Assume that, you are working with your external hard drive and your system got freezed due to some problem. As a result your process will be stopped and closed abruptly. In this case your working files will get lost or deleted.

These are the most common situation in which the data stored in your hard disk may get deleted or lost. If you don’t how to recover data from a bad external hard drive, use USB Hard Drive Recovery software.

Features of this Software:

USB Hard Drive recovery application uses an advanced scanning algorithms to recover your deleted or lost data. It can Save and Recognizes file names and folder structure even after recovery. This tool creates Disk images to bypass bad sectors, which may cause data loss in the hard disk. This tool can restore data from deleted or formatted hard disks. The “Save Recovery Session” option allows your recovery process to be done at any time. RAID1, RAID0 and RAID5 deleted or formatted partition data can be recovered using this Tool. Deleted RAW images, that are captured by professional cameras can be recovered with the help USB Hard Drive Recovery software. This tool can recover data from different types of SATA, IDE, SCSI hard disk, memory card, USB drives, etc.

Tips to Fix Corrupted Outlook PST File

In this digital communication world the majority of information is passed through a mail format. There are few online and offline emailing tools, in which Microsoft outlook is outstanding, launched by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft outlook is the most favored email provider all around the world utilized by many users. Today many employees and different clients make use of this Microsoft Outlook to communicate with each other, therefore it offers amazing credits to manage, communicate, Schedule, share your essential information by providing alternatives like Exchange ActiveSync Support, timetables, notes, updates, meeting calendars, contacts, RSS feeds and so on. However, all the client information of MS Outlook account gets saved in .pst file that remain for “Personal Storage Table”.

With the help of MS Outlook you can add security to your PST file which helps to control the access from unauthorized persons. But regarding the issue of file corruption, one can’t say that it’s totally protected, as there are some unfavorable circumstances that makes your PST file inaccessible or damaged. To resolve this issue you have to discover repair damaged PST files to access your Outlook information.

How to repair damaged PST files?

Luckily, this will be possible by a tool called fix damaged PST file, of course it’s true this tool helps you to fix corrupt PST file on window system. And also this is a unique PST file repair tool which is developed by a group of experts, with this MS Outlook PST file repair tools you can restore Outlook files which has been corrupted or damaged.

Common scenarios for a PST file to get corrupted or damaged:

  • Sudden System Shutdown – There are high risks that PST files may get corrupted or damaged because of sudden shutdown of a system, as sudden shut down of system may collapse the files structure of Outlook due to this the files may get corrupted.
  • Virus and Other Internet Threats – Since it is an email customer, clients send and receives bunches of mails which may have a few attachments with them. As it is exposed to web there are some possibilities in which unsecure data may enter into your MS Outlook and make whole PST file to corrupt.
  • Malfunctioning of Outlook – sometimes, you would have noticed that MS Outlook behaves in a rapid way, there are numerous factors that are responsible for this malfunctioning, for example, utilization of unsecure data, deleting system files, undesirable changes and so on, which may harm the Outlook.
  • Oversize issues – There is 2GB of most extreme size for PST file that is assigned by MS Outlook 2000, if the PST file reaches the greatest volume there are a few possible outcome of file corruption.

Reasons to prefer fix damaged PST files:

  • Repairs greater Outlook PST files and also files which has been damaged or corrupted when it achieves 2 GB or more in size
  • It gives real time preview of repaired files through Outlook style system view
  • PST files which are protected by password can be repaired
  • It changes the repaired PST files in Outlook 2003-2010 setup for effortless import
  • You can even track PST files on your PC, if you don’t know the area of location
  • It saves the repaired PST file into another new file, in which it doesn’t overwrite or change the files.

Tool to Repair Adobe Photoshop Files

“Please help me to get out of this trouble! Photoshop file that I was working for the past several days is not opening now. Deadline to submit the project is almost near, I don’t have enough time to recreate it. Got into this situation after an unexpected restart by the system while working with the Photoshop file. Now, while trying to access the file, it is getting displayed with an error message that says “unable to open the file” I have never encountered such situations before, hardly have any idea to deal with this. I need to repair Photoshop file rather quickly; as I said, I am running out of time. I will be really pleased, if I could repair Photoshop file by seeking your help.”

Are you familiar with these kind of situations? Do you know how to surpass such situations with your Photoshop file? If you don’t have much idea then this article will be of great help to you. It’s really disturbing for any user, who loose access to an important Photoshop file. As you might know, it’s not possible to manually repair PSD files that are damaged. You might require an adequate tool for this, but finding out the real tool is getting difficult these days. As there are a lot of misleading or fallacy applications, which is really wide spread over the online market. However, we will provide you with a best suggestion, which is highly recommended and rated by experts. But before that, grab some idea about the causes that can damage Photoshop file.

Common causes that damages the Photoshop file

  • Inappropriate closing: Mishaps by user at times can become quite costly, there may be instances where the user neglects to exit the Photoshop file with its exit feature and which might actually damage the Photoshop file.
  • Converting Photoshop file extension: Changes the file extension of Photoshop file to any other image extension might cause damage to Photoshop file. The Photoshop file that has the file extension changed will display error messages while trying to open it.
  • Formation of Bad sectors: Hard drive that has quite a lot of bad sectors are really at risk to store any new file. If the Photoshop file gets stored into any of these bad sectors then it will damage the Photoshop file.
  • System crash: If the system crashes due to any logical reason while working with Photoshop file then your file may get damaged.
  • Error while downloading: User makes use of internet to download PSD files, but there may be situations where this file is not properly downloaded which makes it inaccessible on Photoshop application
  • Compatibility related issues: Trying to open a PSD file that is created using higher versions of Photoshop on an older version might cause damage to the PSD file, which happens due to Photoshop header file corruption situations.

If you are dealing with situations like these that caused damage to Photoshop files then we would like to suggest Repair Photoshop application to you. It is specifically designed for the purpose of repairing Photoshop files that may be damaged or corrupted. This application can easily fix damaged Photoshop files that went inaccessible irrespective of the situation.

Repair Photoshop application can used to mend Photoshop files, which are created using different versions of Adobe Photoshop that includes CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and many more. This tool will never modify the source PSD file, instead will make a copy of it to repair, which makes it more promising and adaptable. This repair tool safely repairs broken Photoshop files and it retains layers along with its properties. Both Windows and Mac PC’s support installation of Repair Photoshop application. Software is capable of repairing Photoshop files that are stored with its unique signatures such as PSD and PDD. The repaired Photoshop file can stored into any location according to user’s convenience.

To know more about Repair Photoshop software, visit this page:

Perform Erased Contacts Recovery in Outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook is a most preferred email client that is used by professionals, non-professionals, students, etc. Outlook allows you to maintain contact details, remainders, RSS feeds, journals, calendars, etc. Microsoft Outlook lets you to store the valuable contact details and other items by moving it in a personal information folder called PST. Deletion or any corruption occurs in PST file will result in a loss of contacts or any other attributes of Microsoft Outlook.

Reasons behind the deletion of contacts in Outlook 2013:

Accidental Deletion: Accidentally deleting contacts while accessing contact folder from Outlook using Shift + Delete keys. Contacts deleted using Shift + Delete keys will bypass Deleted Items folder and hence you lose access to them. But, you can restore deleted contacts from PST file on Outlook by using this recovery tool.

Oversized PST file: Usually the size limit of PST file is preconfigured on the basis of versions. So in order to avoid PST file corruption due to oversize issue then you have to delete unwanted contacts from the Outlook.

Improper Termination: While accessing contacts from your Outlook 2013 application, if any kind of interruptions like abrupt equipment failure takes place, then it may end up in abrupt termination of Outlook 2013 thereby being an associate reason for deletion of contacts from Outlook 2013

Third Party Tool: This is another reason wherever Contacts from Outlook is get deleted. Suppose you’re mistreatment net on your system then chances are high that high that virus or malware will have an effect on your Outlook file. When this happen, you’ll not be able to makes use of contents of this file. Now, in anti-virus scanning your contacts could get deleted.

Precautions to Avoid Deletion of Contacts:

  • Always keep a backup of your PST file so that you can recover corrupted PST file.
  • Always update your Antivirus so that your system is virus free.
  • Compact the large PST file in order to avoid PST file corruption due to size limitation.

Features of Recovered Deleted Contacts Software:

  • This software helps to retrieves deleted contacts from Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.
  • It is very efficient for deleted contacts recovery in Outlook 2013.
  • Preview option is available to preview repaired Outlook items via Outlook style Browser view.
  • Thesoftware system has advanced scanning algorithmic rule that helps to repair severely corrupted or broken PST file and recovers emails, contacts and alternative Outlook attributes with efficiency.
  • It provideshelp to customers any time associated with this tool. The supports team is technically trained to resolve all technical problems
  • The software takes less space for installation (50 MB).
  • Users can use the benefits of Technical team that are 24*7 available. If users find any issue during installation or afterwards then they can contact support team.
  • It provides an option to users to save the recovered contacts either on internal or external storage device.

How to Recover Verbatim USB Drive?

USB devices become ponderous in these days due to his remarkable salient features. One of the important feature is portability. You can carry data wherever you want. A pocket sized device gained Tremendous market overall in the world. Technology really affected each and every thing in this world, In the case of USB drive we can say that they are becoming smaller and smaller with time and becoming larger and larger in the storage size. Many brands already secured their roots in the market like Verbatim, SanDisk, Transcend, iBall, etc.

As we talking about features of the USB we should keep in the mind that even it gets damaged due to various reasons. Like virus attack, sometimes USB gets malfunctioned due to improper remove and insert operation and many other reasons. Regardless of the brand USB gets corrupted due to some of the above mentioned reason. If your USB gets damaged or corrupted then data whichever residing in it becomes inaccessible. You might be afraid of losing the data but don’t worry there are solutions for such situations.

Today, we are going to talk about how to recover Verbatim USB drive. Verbatim USB is one of the most famous Japanese companies to produce huge amount of electronic gadgets such as portable storage media and flash memory card and more. It is generally used to create backup of important data and has capable to access or store huge amount of data in it. But problem arises when due to some known and unknown reasons you lose all your crucial data from Verbatim USB drive. Then what to do next if such problem arises? How to recover data from Verbatim USB drive? The best answer for such kind of question is ‘USB Data Recovery’ software. This is one of the best tool especially designed to recover files from Verbatim USB drive in few mouse clicks. It is an award winning utility which provide fastest as well as safest recovery of data from Verbatim USB drive. (Visit here for more details)

Common reasons that lead to deletion or loss of data from Verbatim USB drive:

  • Accidental Deletion: Verbatim USB works well with all branded laptops and desktop PCs. So there are chances of accidental deletion of the data from Verbatim USB devices. Once you perform this action then it lead to the permanent deletion of data from it.
  • Interruption during Data Transfer: While transferring data from Verbatim USB drive to another device or vice versa, sudden shut down of system or mishandling of USB drive may delete some important data that were yet to be transferred.
  • Unintentional Format of Verbatim USB Drive: Unintentional format of the Verbatim USB drive while in use could wipe out all the data.
  • Virus Attack: One of the common reasons behind the USB drive corruption is the virus attack. Use updated good anti-virus product to get rid of the viruses, else you may lose your entire data reside in it.

There are lots of reasons behind Verbatim USB drive corruption and loss of data but do not panic, USB data recovery software can easily recover all the data you’ve lost. It could be anything like documents, songs, videos, images etc.

Salient Features of USB Data Recovery Software:

  • It has easy to use interface that helps all technical and nontechnical users to recover data from Verbatim USB drive with utmost ease.
  • It is the most preferable software which can recover almost all type of the data from your USB drive.
  • This utility has fast, secure and simple recovery process which can efficiently perform data recovery from Verbatim Pen drive.
  • The software can recover data from different portable storage devices such as flash memory card, hard drive, iPods and more.
  • This ultimate utility is compatible on all popular versions of Windows and Mac OS based machines.

Easy Way of Recovering Data from WD10EAVS Drive

Western Digital is one amongst the most common brands that manufactures WD10EAVS hard drive. Western Digital WD10EAVS have passed power consumption figures for this new generation Western Digital with just 1.4w being consumed in read/write processes. Although these specifications and advanced features, Western Digital WD10EAVS are vulnerable to power surges, overheating and streaks problems making the entire data unreachable. Unfortunately, there can be cases when Western Digital WD10EAVS makes clunking or clicking sounds due to sudden power failure or header crash.

Loss of data from Western Digital WD10EAVS hard drive is possible in many different ways. Sometime, it may occur if the drive is corrupted or physically damaged, user itself is answerable for losing data from WD10EAVS hard disk after execution actions like deletion of files, deleting partitions, formatting the drive, etc. Due to sudden system shut down or restart because of power surge, formation of bad sectors can result in data inaccessibility. Similarly, corrupt volume header, virus attack, file system corruption, etc. are concern for letting user to format WD10EAVS hard drive resulting in loss of valuable data.

Firmware modules are located on the service area on the platters of Western Digital WD10EAVS. For example, if one or more modules become corrupted corresponding to Western Digital WD10EAVS then there are chances of data inaccessibility. At times if you attempt to access disk then you will be prompted with unexpected errors due to firmware corruption and other reasons.

Apparently there can be many other causes for WD10EAVS data loss due to which you will not be able to access your important data saved on the disk, however this should not be a permanent issue. It is a fact that data always stays completely on WD10EAVS hard drive and can be recovered if it has not overwritten with new data. So if you have come through such sudations immediately stop using the disk and take help of an expert professional data recovery program to restore the data from Western Digital WD10EAVS. According to my point of view, rather than approaching technical expert and paying him, search for an efficient data recovery utility. You can find large number of tools on internet that does not have capability to recover complete lost data from WD10EAVS drive.

When it comes about efficient WD10EAVS data recovery software to recover data from WD10EAVS hard drive, Recover WD application is regarded as the best application. It is designed and developed with smart disk scanning features to confirm accurate WD10EAVS data recovery. Recover WD application authorizes users to recover e-books, videos, songs, presentations, photos and all other type of files from formatted / re-formatted, damaged, corrupted or inaccessible Western Digital WD10EAVS hard drive. With the help of this utility, you can recover data from different type of Western Digital hard drive models such as My Passport, Caviar, My Book, My Cloud, WD Blue, WD1002FEAX and many more. You can run this program for WD10EAVS data recovery on all major launches of Macintosh and Windows based operating system such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Win Vista, Windows XP, Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard. Recover WD application is capable to recover files from various file systems such as FAT, NTFS, HFS, HFS+, etc.