Study How to Recover Hard Disk Data for Free

This morning I was planning to continue to write my final project report file, I searched everywhere but did not get any trace of those files. Later I remembered that the day before yesterday I deleted some unwanted files and documents from the hard drive for releasing more space and to speed up my system. And also I emptied the Recycle Bin folder immediately. Now I want to recover my project report file. Is there any way to get my deleted file from the hard drive?

Above mentioned scenario will the common cause for the deletion of the file from your hard drive. These hard drives are used to store all the business and personal files. Although it is assumed that hard drive is the safest place to keep your precious files but because of some unknown reasons, you may end up with loss of files from hard drive. But there is no need to worry about this problem because now you can restore all the lost or deleted data from hard disk with the aid of this reliable data recovery software. This application is the freeware tool that helps you to recover hard disk data for free within a few minutes. You can apply this freeware application to retrieve media files like audios and videos of the format MPEG, MPG, MP4, MOV, AVI, AVS, M4B, MP3, WAV, 3GP, DIVX, M4V, ASF, ASX, AIFF, AIF, AMR, M4A, WMV, XVID and RM in few minutes.

Some of the causes for loss of data from hard disk

  • Bad sectors on the hard disk: Due to the scratches on the disk platter, bad sectors are formed on your hard disk. This causes abnormal freezing of your system that results in loss of data from hard disk.
  • MBR Corruption: MBR is the table of content that holds all the details about the files, folders, partition and if this MBR gets corrupted then it may lead to system crash resulting in loss of data.
  • Harmful virus intrusion: Virus infections cause hard drive failure as it corrupts the Operating system or file system attributes and leads to loss of data stored on it.
  • File system Error: Occurrence of file system error while re-partitioning the hard drive can cause file system corruption leads to loss of data.

These are the many common instances for loss of data from hard disk. If you have lost data from hard disk and want to recover those data back then don’t waste your precious time, just install this freeware data recovery tool to rescue lost/deleted data within few minutes. This data recovery is the freeware application and is designed with user-friendly interface. Even the user who is not having any technical knowledge can carry out data recovery operation on hard disk with ease. Other than system hard disk you can execute data recovery from other storage devices including digital camera, iPods, mobile phone, USB flash drive, etc. See this page- to know how to carry out data recovery process for free. This program enables you to retrieve data from corrupted, damaged, formatted, deleted, lost or inaccessible hard drives with ease.

Important cautions to be followed to avoid loss of data from hard disk

  • Always think twice before deleting any of the data from hard disk.
  • Use UPS to avoid sudden shut down of the system.
  • Never use any untrustworthy third-party tool on your system.

How to retrieve large data files deleted from Recycle Bin

Have you accidentally deleted large sized files and struggled to restore them back? If yes, then go to this page to know that you can restore such data files within no time.

Generally, when you delete any data file, you think that the files are being destroyed forever. But the fact is that when any file is deleted the file gets stored in a pre-deletion area called Recycle Bin in Windows system. Recycle Bin is a folder that comes with all the Windows operating systems. It stores all the deleted files in it so that you can decide once again whether to carry this file on your system or to completely remove it from the drive. So once the file is deleted from Recycle Bin folder you will not be able to access it again.

Recycle Bin folder in Windows has a certain size limit to store data files, i.e. this folder is given 10% of the actual disk space to store deleted files. For instance, if the hard disk is of 200GB memory space then the Recycle Bin can store up to 20GB of data. And later whatever files you delete those files will not be stored here as they get directly deleted from Recycle Bin. So Recycle Bin has to be refreshed regularly by deleting unwanted data files from it. Let us consider a scenario to elaborate this. Assume that the Recycle Bin folder was not refreshed from the time it was used. So the storage area was almost filled with all the deleted files leaving only few KB bytes of free space. Without this knowledge, you accidentally deleted a large video file that had very confidential data. As this large sized file was not having sufficient memory space in Recycle Bin folder it bypassed the folder and was completely lost. When you opened Recycle Bin to restore it back you noticed that the video file was not there and you regretted deleting it.  Thus you had to lose your important data file. In such case in order to restore back the file, you have to approach for a good recovery process. Here are many such situations in which you may face data loss as mentioned here:

  • Accidental emptying of Recycle Bin:  When you empty Recycle Bin folder using the option, ‘Empty Recycle Bin’ then all your deleted files that can be restored will be removed from Recycle Bin. So if you have certain required files in Recycle Bin that was to be restored for further use then it will be lost. Thus by accidentally emptying the Recycle Bin, you may face data loss.
  • File deletion using shift – delete key combination: Whenever a file deleted by shift and delete key combination, the file will get deleted completely by not getting stored in Recycle Bin i.e. the file bypasses Recycle Bin such that you cannot restore back the file.
  • Deleting a file on command prompt:  The files deleted from Windows command prompt will not get stored in Recycle Bin. Instead, it bypasses Recycle Bin and gets deleted completely from the drive. So if you accidentally delete any file on command prompt then the file will be lost.
  • Data deletion from external storage devices: When you delete any data from external devices like external HDD, memory sticks, memory cards, USB flash drives, etc. the deleted file will bypass Recycle Bin and gets deleted completely from the drive. Thus you cannot restore the deleted files from external storage devices once it is deleted.

You may face many such situations wherein you lose data from recycling Bin folder and if you want to recover deleted large files that are lost then try out with the good recovery program. This software is capable of recovering all types of deleted files on various Windows systems. You can completely restore various types of files such as documents, files, folders, etc. within few minutes. The features of this software are as mentioned below:

  • Easily recovers deleted files that bypass Recycle Bin folder in different ways.
  • You can effectively retrieve lost and deleted files on Windows system drives having various file systems like FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, etc.
  • All large sized files deleted or bypassed from Recycle Bin can be restored back easily.

You can make use of this recovery utility to restore emptied Recycle Bin files. The software can be used on most of the versions of Windows OS like Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2003.

Software to Recover Lost Data from Windows Hard Drive

The hard drive is the device with the magnetic storage media that is encased on rigid platters which allows the drive to store more data that can be accessed and written to quickly. Loss of data from Windows hard drive is one of the most frustrating that can be experienced with a computer. Each hard drive present in Windows Vista has the distinguished quota settings. If any action is performed in a volume then the other disk volumes will not be affected. If you perform any actions on a disk volume it will not affect the other volumes while managing the Windows hard drive quotes.

Windows hard drive can be crashed in two ways one is the logical failure and other is the physical failure. If the Operating system is crashed when you are using Windows Vista, XP then that will be a logical failure. If the hard drive itself is malfunctioned then that is the physical failure. In any way, your data is not still accessible but it is still there. Hard drive stores all our important, valuable and confidential data and the data required for the booting of our systems.

Common Scenarios for data loss

  • Power Surges: Power surge can be caused by the strikes of lightning, interference with power lines, or by any event which causes the flow of energy can be interrupted and then restarted. Power surges can result from loss of files in hard disk.
  • Virus Attack -Your hard drive may also be get damaged by the virus attack. If you connect any removable drive to your system which is affected by the virus and this may result in crashing of the Windows hard drive.
  • Power Failure– Hard disk can also be crashed by the power failure as such when you are working with the system and the power went off suddenly resulting in Windows hard drive crash.
  • Third party partitioning tools: When you want to recreate the partition from the existing partition without any loss of data, these third-party utilities may support you to recreate. Sometimes you might have come across the error message while creating the partition using these third partitioning tools resulting in data loss.

Are you facing any such problem of data loss from the Windows system?  Then you might be thinking of how to get back your lost data from the Windows. By using the any best recovery software you can restore all those lost or deleted files from your Windows.

Windows Hard drive recovery tool would be of great help in restoring lost files from the hard drive. Here is one such utility to recover Windows Hard drive data,


Features of this utility

  • Ability to recover data on FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT file system hard drives and partitions Supports recovery of different types of files from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 partitions which is accidentally deleted or formatted on the hard drive.
  • Ability to retrieve data after corruption of boot sector caused by changing Windows Registry errors.
  • It also executes data recovery from hard drives on different versions of operating systems like Windows Vista, XP, 7, 2003

Steps to recover lost data from Windows hard drive

  • Download and install the demo version of Windows Recovery software
  • The main screen is displayed with 3 options like “Recover Files”, “Recover Photos” and “Recover Partitions/Drives”. Select “Recover Partitions/Drives
  • Select “Partition Recovery” option to retrieve lost or deleted partitions from hard drives
  • Select the hard drive from which you need to restore lost or deleted partition then clicks on “Next” button to start scanning process. After completing the scanning process, it displays the list of partitions that is found.
  • Select the appropriate partition to retrieve lost data then select “Next” button. The software scans the selected partition for deleted / lost files. You can preview recovered files.


Best Software to Erase Files from Windows 7

Windows 7 is surely the best OS as than other versions of Windows Operating system. This OS offers a better flexibility to operate in enormous languages and helps to create a home network. It is well-known OS for those who wish to install it on their system. You are able to share pictures, videos, music files, Word files, Excel sheets, pdf files, etc. on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 PC. Windows 7 has superior features such as improved Windows Taskbar, quicker detection of the USB drive, etc. Hence, the user desires to get it on his or her computer.

Have you ever removed private data from Windows 7? Attempting to make data unapproachable to unknown users, if so you are at correct spot to obtain improved results. By utilizing data recovery software, it will be able for novice users to rub data on Windows 7 OS without much knowledge. This file eraser tool also removes data forever on several versions of Windows OS like XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, etc. This program has the capacity to remove files forever that is simply erased, removed with the aid of Shift + Delete or files removed during formatting, etc. To know more about how to erase file hit here:

At times, you could possibly erase files by hitting emptying Recycle bin or Shift + Delete keys and formatting of files on Windows 7. However, during this period, the information is not removed enduringly; it can be saved on the physical location of the hard disk. Let us say you sell your PC to unknown person individual, there could be a possibility that they might use your individual passwords and retrieve your own data by utilizing easily available tools online. This program is used to erase these data enduringly without permitting other users to retrieve your files. This tool is competent to do over the writing of removed files with new files, to ensure that old data is removed permanently. Hence, it is best to make use of this program to remove information forever prior to selling your PC to a third party user.

Major features this program is as below:

  • This application will not give a little bit of opportunity to access your own information by utilizing any recovery tools.
  • If you use internet on a regular basis this software erases browsing history, to ensure that it is impossible to search your secret data.
  • This utility can be obtained with inbuilt scheduler to remove files totally according to time.
  • As it offers quicker drive shredding speed, it is important in order to save your time.

In case you come across the way to delete files Windows 7, to ensure that others cannot be capable to retrieve these data. This program gives an improved result for erasing data by making use of nine numerous data shredding patterns. They are approved by many governments and so are as below:

  • Fast Zero overwrite
  • DOD standard 5220.28.M STD
  • VSITR standard (German)
  • DOD standard 5220.22.M
  • Random Zero overwrite
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization-NATO
  • Peter Gutmann Method
  • DOD standard + Peter Gutmann Method

Among these data shredding patterns, NAVSO-RLL, NATO, and VSITR are called as middle-level data shredding patterns. High-level data shredding patterns include DOD.5220.28.M STD, Peter Gutmann, and DOD standard + Peter Gutmann method. You have to choose a single among these patterns, which is appropriate to your position. Hence, you are able to feel good as well as your files are safe since it is difficult for other users to get your secret data on Windows 7 OS. To get more info about erasing the files on Windows 7 hit this link:

NTFS data recovery tool

Recovery of lost or deleted data from NTFS partition can be done now very easily by means of NTFS data recovery software.

Everyone is aware of that the full form of NTFS is nothing but New Technology file system. This file system is the advanced one and is developed by Microsoft Corporation. Primarily the file system helps you to store and retrieve the information onto the disk drive of your computer, without file system you cannot do both the things that are you cannot save or retrieve any kind of data on to your disk drive or the other storage media.

Sometimes due to several reasons you can lose your vital information from the NTFS partition of Windows operating system, if you lose then now with the assistance of recovery application the lost information can be recovered, meaning you’ll be able to simply bring back your lost data without facing any barriers.

Before the introduction of the recovery, application let us discuss some vital eventualities due to which you may lose your vital data from NTFS partition

  • File system corruption: as already mentioned earlier the file system plays a crucial role in storing and retrieving data from disk drive, the file system keeps all the information relating to the data stored in disk drive, just in case the file system of the hard drive or the other storage media gets corrupted then the data files stored on the hard drive can’t be accessed which successively leads you to lose your vital data
  • Formatting of hard drive: there’s no need to explain what data formatting is because everybody knows what it is, if you format the disk drive of your computer then you may lose the entire data from your NTFS partition
  • Crashing of operating system: just in case the operating system of your computer gets crashed off then you may lose the files stored in NTFS partitions, operating system crashes due to improper shut down of computer or due to file system corruption

If you lose your vital data from NTFS partition due to above-mentioned reasons then simply make use of the NTFS data recovery application that has the flexibility to restore NTFS data on partitions of Windows operating system.

The NTFS data recovery application has a heap of helpful features they’re mentioned below:

  • By making use of this powerful application you’ll be able to recover data from NTFS hard drive
  • The data lost or deleted or formatted whatever is the reason, by using this application you’ll be able to recover your data
  • This NTFS data recovery application is compatible with almost all new version of Windows operating system
  • This application has got many compliments from the users and it’s the application recommended the specialists
  • This wonderful NTFS recovery application is been designed with advanced scanning algorithm
  • You can recover up to three hundred file varieties by using this recovery application

For further details of data recovery from NTFS hard drive click here:

Follow these simple steps to recover lost or deleted data on NTFS partitions:

Download the free demo version of NTFS data recovery application from our website=>installs the same on your Windows PC=> Run the application and obtain back your lost data from NTFS partition=>after successful restoration purchase the authorized version of it.

Download and Use External Hard Drive Data Recovery

hddNowadays, everyone is using computers to do their personal and professional works. In order to carry or save a large number of data, people also use external hard drives. These external hard drives are capable to store various types of files including as pictures, software, videos, audios, documents, excels, text files, etc. These storage devices are the best way to carry as well as store important data. There are a number of brands available in the market which manufactures external hard drives. These external drives are very small in size, large data storage capability, transportable, durable and easy to use.

Beside these features of external hard drives, sometimes people may face data deletion or loss issue from their hard drive due to the broken external drive. After encountering such external hard drive broken issue, people want to recover broken external hard drive data at any cost because the data stored in the broken drive may be their personal or important business file. In order to recover data from a broken external hard drive, people need a highly effective recovery program because there is no other way to get back data from the damaged external drive. Partition Recovery Windows is one of the expert recovery apps which has potential to restore each bit of information from a broken external device as it was previously.

Before talking about the recovery procedure of broken external hard drive data and the features of this tool, let us discuss some reasons which may lead to external hard drive corruption or broken:

File System Corruption: It the data structure used by operation system to track and manage the data present on the drive. If this file system gets damaged due to some known or unknown causes, then it will lead to unreachability of external hard drive by which people will face data loss issue.

Improper Handling: At the time of data transferring from external drive to the system or vice versa, if user ejects the device before completing the process may lead to entire drive inaccessible.

Virus Infection: It is a small computer program which has the capability to damage the info stored in data storage device. If people connect their external hard drive with the virus infected system, then there is a chance of virus attack on the external drive which may lead to broken the drive.

In order to recover broken external hard drive data which can be damaged in any way as mentation above, people can take the help of Partition Recovery Windows application.  People can utilize this tool on various versions of Windows operating systems such as Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP, Win 8, Win 10, Win Server 2003, and Win Server 2008. This ready to use software is capable to recover broken external hard drives which can support any file system like FAT16, FAT32, exFAT and NTFS very easily. Not only from broken external hard drive, this application is also capable to recover data from various other external data storage devices like Pen Drive, Flash drive, Secure Digital card, SDHC card, XD cards, Multimedia card, etc., which can be manufactured by any brands such as Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston, PNY, Panasonic, Lexar, Sony, etc.

Ultimate Tool to Rescue Files

Perhaps you have lost your files from the hard drive? Delete files accidentally instead of deleting other trivial files? Lost files from external drives? Worried about how to get back files? Trying to find the method of how to rescue files on the hard disk drive? Don’t worried, just be relax this article provides you the perfect answer to all your problems. Files are often tended get deleted or lost by accident. If so what do you plan to rescue lost files?

When you lost files, time is of the essence as the brand new information is saved for the hard drive, memory card or flash generate, old files get overwritten. So don’t use the hard disk drive from which you lost files, unless you complete the recuperation operation. If you find that the files were lost instantly then you shouldn’t have to be panic because there’s still a chance for your files to be rescued through file rescue software. This file rescue software incorporates a scanning feature so it will be always worth scanning to see if the files are still there on the drive.

Causes pertaining to loss or deletion of files are usually mentioned below

While synchronizing the files between your system and from any of the removable storage drives, if there are usually sinking probabilities connected with sinking process find interrupted or disconnected as a result of various factors then such circumstances you may perhaps lose your significant files. Sometimes you might find some panic-stricken situation where you stand transferring files from the system to different storage drives or vice versa, you accidentally select delete option instead of paste option. Failure of defragmentation process may end up with the corruption of entire file system. Defrag process may get interrupted due to insufficient disk space, OS error, software malfunction, etc. Some other reasons like improper system shutdown, computer hardware failure, bad sectors for the drive, etc end up with huge loss connected with files.

Important suggestions to be followed

  • Do not attempt to format or reboot the hard disk drive after loss of files from it
  • Scan your drive completely using the antivirus software regularly to prevent further virus infection
  • Never connect an external drive to virus infected system
  • Stop using the drive when you lose files from the particular files
  • Never install the file recovery software on a single drive from in which lost files are situated
  • Always make sure that the original location of the lost files along with the destination path on the files must be the same

More about file rescue software

Hard drive File rescue software comes with a fast, through an easy method to rescue lost or deleted files that will work on both Windows and Mac OS. Helps to rescue files from accidentally deleted from Recycle Bin/Trash, application software programs, virus intrusion, quick format the drive, improper handling on the external drive, and many others. File rescue software successfully works when other file recuperation software fails. Successfully rescues different types of files from your hard drive.

Wipe Hard Disk without Any Circumstances

Hard disks are almost always used as the memory device of all sorts of data information. These are the solitary sd card of this computer. They could be accessible with different editions like SATA, SCSI and IDE etc which could be applied to different computers while the hard drive. The product has the capability to help keep all quite files including any precious files safely. And also made the effort of deleting files during the drive strangely will happen would be the fact about the respective file address get peeled off the index entries of your drive. But your initial files stay stored regarding the drive since it’s. But additionally everything the best thing is those files is recoverable through lost or deleted recovery software. Whilst in case if you’re deciding on deleting any files which only need to be just over the recovery procedure then you need to hunt for some data wiping utilities for one’s Windows computer. E-mail it’s correct that these utilities will remove every one of your confidential files throughout the drive permanently.

Just in case when users opt for selling their own laptop or PC it is vitally obvious for which you won’t expect a thief else access your private documents and every one of important files. The moment users must decide on the erasing disc drive to prevent misuse in the all confidential files of the hard disk. It’s possible you have read about the problem that deleted files are recoverable with any recovery tool until the time computer data will be overwritten with a bit of other new files.

Throughout these scenarios, files are usually erased permanently to your disc drive by way of Erasing Computer software. This is basically the software that helps to erase each of your files completely by overwriting stored values end the wide variety of times. All files which remain with the drive without details get overwrite entirely with any garbage values. Quite sure find the proper types of data sanitization methods. Belonging to the nine file shredding procedures available this wiping tool is the tool for erasing PC disk data. Quite sure it is a lot effective to operate the erasing process on  WIndows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 as mentioned here,  It follows best 9 sanitization standard different ways to wipe computer data. These are:
Fast Zero Overwrite
Random Overwrite
DOD Standard 5220.28 STD
US Dod (DOD 5220.22-M)
US Dod (DoD 5220.22-M) + Guttmann Method
Peter Guttmann Secure Deletion
US Navy, NAVSO P-5239-26 – RLL
North Atlantic Treaty Organization – NATO standard

These previously listed file shredding procedures are typically approved by different security agencies worldwide. Each and every file sanitization methods data overwriting procedures also differ. Some overwriting methods try only random file overwriting procedure including a few of them wills the people a limited value in every single sector. Also, you can avail all of these functions in the software as soon as you complete download operation of the disposable trial edition. For details go through the link here,

You Need to Know About Top External Hard Drive Recovery Tool

To take proper backup of important files, every PC user desires to use the external hard drive. It is the best device to help you to recover your essential data lost because of any kind of scenarios. The external hard drive has the ability to save limitless information such as audio, documents, pictures, video, etc. Though they are utilized for saving backup files due to some scenarios, you need to bear data loss problems. This informative article defines you factors result in such situations and ideas to recuperate information from the external hard drive.

Whenever you lose data from external hard drive then it is hurting moment for you. If the external drive has crucial information and you do not have any other backup means it is extremely hard to recover lost information. In such case, you might start to search for an appropriate tool to recuperate lost information from the external hard drive. No need to search any more because, in order to help users to conquer such situations, industry experts have introduced hard drive data recovery software in the market. This helpful application can be capable to recover information from an uninitialized hard disk. It is the best solution for your question like how to restore lost data from external hard drive?


External hard drive information loss reasons are stated below:

Overwriting information on the external hard drive: It can be used to have the backup of significant information and you might save a disk image of a hard drive on your external hard drive. At times, you might unintentionally store disk image twice on the external hard drive. Therefore, it results in data loss.

Formatting the external hard drive: While accessing the external hard drive, occasionally, you can find a message like “the disk in drive is not formatted, would you like to format it now?” Whenever you click on this message without having the proper backup, it will end up with information loss situation.

Due to repartitioning the external hard drive: At times, when there is need to repartition the external hard drive, there is a probability that you might repartition the external hard drive without taking proper backup. Therefore, it leads to a condition such as data loss.

At times, you may erase the information existing on external hard drive purposely by assuming that they are necessary for further usage. Later, you realize that you have deleted useful files.

Astounding features of hard disk data recovery software:

This convenient utility comes in handy for all the above-stated reasons. By means of this legally trusted tool, you can effortlessly recuperate lost files also it assists you to save your precious time. This software has the ability to recover lost files according to a file name, file type, date of file creation, etc. By making use of this well-known program, you can recuperate information from IDE, SATA and SCSI hard disk drives. Learn about how to recuperate information from uninitialized hard drive –

It is available with some amazing features to do rapid and easy recovery of files on the external hard drive. It is capable to support the recovery of lost files on Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 7, 2008 and Mac OS of Mountain Lion, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc. If you are a nontechnical user means while using this program you cannot come across with any complications. This talented tool can perform thorough scanning of the hard disk to recuperate files.

Free hard drive recovery application

Nowadays Windows computers are popular enough because of sophisticated features and vast data storing facility. These computers can amass a number of files like Office files, images, videos, text documents, applications, OS files etc. All these files are vital to you, but sometimes, the computer hard drive or hard disk could lose data because of some external faults or by any system problems. Once the essential files are lost then you will be anxious and be trying to get a free tool to recover the data from hard disk, now no need to be worried more, here is the most excellent free hard disk data recovery software, it can effortlessly retrieve deleted or lost data from hard disks.

Some common hard disk data loss scenarios:

  • Unintentional mistakes: the Unintentional human mistake is considered as the most common human mistake while deleting redundant files from your hard disk you might unintentionally choose some important files and then erase them without ensuring. Sometimes, while formatting the hard drive you may accidentally select the wrong drive or partition and then format it. This type of human mistake makes you to lose data from hard disk.
  • Data loss due to hard disk issues: Some major hard disk related issues like file system corruption, severe virus attack, improper partitioning or repartitioning, logical bad sectors on hard disk, etc. also lead you to format the disk to make use of it further, but all previously stored data will be lost.

Some precautionary steps:

  • Never store fresh files after formatting or deletion of data
  • Install this software on healthier drive of Windows OS
  • Utilize UPS to evade interruptions during recovery process

Free data recovery application is highly incorporated and premeditated with a scan technology; it can recover each and every file from the hard disk of all Windows OS based computers. It can unformat the hard drive to reinstate entire files in few easy steps. Different types of files such as videos, photos, music files, text documents etc. This tool is advanced enough to bring back the files which are deleted or lost from Recycle bin and the files which are deleted from Shift Delete keys. You can also check more info at this page

You can use this app to retrieve the files which are mislaid because of formatting, repartitioning or corrupt issues. It can also get back the files from external data storage devices such as memory cards, flash drives, portable drives, and USB drive etc. on any Windows OS. All recovered files will be reviewed as soon as the scan process is finished. After getting the list of all recovered files you can select the required files or the whole recovered data using this free data recovery app, it is absolutely free and no need to pay even a single penny.